I started helping women heal their mind, body and soul because I know what it’s like to feel trapped inside your own body.  In the past, I’ve felt something greater exists for myself and my life.  I craved to feel emotions that felt buried down deep.  And I’ve felt deeply disconnected from my authentic self.

I used to abuse my body by not listening to its needs.  I became used to cycling on and off fad diets, vigorous exercise, and binge eating all to try and fill this void I felt.  I stayed in co-dependent and mentally abusive relationships because I wasn’t aware I deserved better.  I spent years repeating these unhealthy habits, until I decided to break the cycle of my own sh*t.

It started with consciously shifting my mindset combined with making myself and my healing a priority.  Through these small changes, I realized how health and happiness is so much more than your physical body.  Health is the balancing of physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual aspects that truly make us feel connected with ourselves.  When I began to love myself more & focus on healing my inner wounds, my entire life changed.  I experimented with all different types of holistic healing modalities, tools, and techniques.  I started to make changes based off new beliefs that felt aligned with my soul.  And slowly, the feeling of inner peace & fulfillment embraced me.

I became a certified holistic health and life coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to dive even deeper into healing myself.  I knew after completing the course that I wanted to share my knowledge and help others heal the same way I did.  I became a personal trainer through ACE to further learn about the physical body and to increase my understanding of how connected the physical body is to your mental, emotional and spiritual body.

I specialize in helping women see their true potential within themselves so they may live a confident, empowered and balanced life.  Everyone deserves to feel loved by themselves, to feel alive in their body, and to live the life of their dreams!  I invite others to connect with themselves on a deep soul level to experience a complete transformation of their mind, body and soul.


“Meaghan helped me to understand where I was holding empathic weight, where I was creating safety instead of expression & In discovering my ultimate motivation for exercise…

For me it was a huge shift in realizing that what I was fixating on while looking in the mirror, was a recognition of stagnant energy, dissociation with aspects of my human body & deeply desiring to see my soul FULLY expressed in physical form!

Meaghan really helped me to untangle the mental, Emotional & Spiritual ‘cords’ that I was tied up with & set me free, with such clarity to move forward!”

Jessica Reid

“Meaghan is so gifted! She combines her health background with her intuitive gifts to create this amazing service that gave me a lot of insights on the relation between my body and my health and also helped me to gain much more clarity on the aspects of me that I would like to express more freely. She guided me gently and lightly on this journey and I felt welcomed and taken by the hand.  She helped me so much to become aware of some things that until now were lying in my subconscious. She is so passionate and I could totally feel that! Her light shines bright!”

Marianna G.

“She {Meaghan} gave me a new perspective on problems I’ve been experiencing and opened up my eyes to new solutions and gave me so many helpful tools to work with. Meaghan has such a charming and lovely presence and she make you feel so accepted, seen and understood. She is very professional and thorough in her work. I’m so so happy and I DEFINITELY recommend working with Meaghan!!!”

Felicia L.

“Her {Meaghan’s} insights were right on target. She connected my current physical issues with emotional wounds of the past that I can now work on healing. She gave me specific ways to strengthen my body as well as my spiritual connection. I have so many new tools I can use to continue my healing journey since my session! Meaghan explained everything to me in a simple way that I could really grasp. She was so kind and sensitive to the emotional wounds I’ve been carrying with me and gave me practical ways to begin healing them. It’s obvious that Meaghan has a passion for holistic healing as she is so compassionate and knowledgeable!”

Angela A.

“I was definitely unsure about what was going on physically with health concerns and now I feel more validated and more confident in how to fix things…You’ve opened my eyes about physical and emotional health concerns and I appreciate the validation & safe space you have created!”

Ashley H.