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An 8-week 1:1 mentorship journey meticulously designed to ignite your innermost desires, leaving you feeling incredible in both your body and life.

Experience a profound transformation as you embody your true essence and align with your highest potential every step of the way.

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If yes, (In) Body More is destined for you! An 8 week 1:1 mentorship program in which I’ll guide you to bring your full self to life!

Whether you’re taking your first steps towards wellness or seeking to deepen your healing journey, (In) Body More will help to unlock newfound confidence, daily joy, and a profound sense of contentment in every aspect of your life. Don’t just live—thrive in an authentic life of freedom and fulfillment.

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Jessica Reid

“Meaghan helped me to understand where I was holding empathic weight, where I was creating safety instead of expression & In discovering my ultimate motivation for exercise…

For me it was a huge shift in realizing that what I was fixating on while looking in the mirror, was a recognition of stagnant energy, dissociation with aspects of my human body & deeply desiring to see my soul FULLY expressed in physical form!

Meaghan really helped me to untangle the mental, Emotional & Spiritual ‘cords’ that I was tied up with & set me free, with such clarity to move forward!”

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